1935 Martin D-18 ds

1935 Martin D-18 ds

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1935 Martin D-18 on deposit-sale

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(for info:  Price guide of this guitar is between 25000 and 33000 €)
The discount takes into account the changes and time wear.
This is a really great souding guitar, easy to play. There have been many repairs since 1935 and
I think the opposite would have been unlikely.


This is a real part of history in your shop: Guitar Select



This guitar, n ° 60356, would have belonged to Tom Rush, famous folk guitarist

singer US of the 60s, completely unknown in Europe, from where the R on the


Purchased in the US, it arrived on the French Riviera in 1967, then in Lyon for a few

years. She has had no changes since.

A very old overspray protects it from the wear of time (83 years anyway).

Grover old mechanics, much more efficient, very easy handle (very rare at this time).
Non original Martin case.

She has had no changes since.

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